Tuition & Fees

Fee structure for school year



School fees must be paid in full before the beginning of the school term. Fees are due on or before September 1, December 1, March 1. The annual fees listed below are due on or before September 1.

Per Term

K3 - Grade 6
Grade 7 - Grade 9
Grade 10 - Grade 12


Seat Fee:

All students must pay an annual seat fee of $60 each in February to reserve their space for the upcoming academic year. If this is not paid on time, the administration will assume that the child is not returning and the seat will be given to the next student on the waiting list. Seat fees are non-refundable, non-transferable.


Additional Fees
(due annually on or before Sept. 1st)

Identification Card
Accident Insurance*
Technology/Art Fee:

*Fee may be waived should the parent produce their own insurance coverage at the time of registration

Additional Fees
(due annually on or before Sept. 1st)

Development Fee*
School Gulf Shirts
P.E. Kits (primary school)
P.E. Kits (high school)
Lab Fees**

* For new students only

**Gr. 10-12 Science students

Additional Information

Late Penalties:

Parents we ask that you do your part with meeting your obligations. Tuition received after the first day of school is considered late and a $25.00 late fee per week is charged to your account. After the second week, students will not be allowed in classes. No exceptions will be granted.

Books/Study Guides:

All students must have the necessary books/study guides on the first day of school. Parents are asked to check their booklists carefully during the summer months and ensure that all books are purchased on time. There will be no cash refunds on books purchased at the school. All exchanges must be done before the end of the first week of school.

Accident Insurance and Illness:

Because student welfare is paramount for us at Mt. Carmel, all students are offered group Accident Insurance. The cost is $25.00 annually and is listed above in the Fees section. All students must enroll unless covered by the parents’ health insurance plan. Proof of medical coverage must be provided to the school’s office at the time of registration

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Tuition Assistance

Tuition installment agreements are granted in special circumstances. Agreements may be made with the Business Office prior to the beginning of the school year.

Installment Plan Fees: $25.00 monthly finance fee. This should be paid upfront at the beginning of the term Payments received after the first working day of the month will incur an additional $35.00 late fee

Monthly installment payments are due on the 1st business day of each month. There are no installment plan options on annual fees. ​

How To Pay

Whom to contact

In case of any query, please contact members of our billing department.
They would be more than glad to help you.


Aria Murphy

Head of Accounts Department


Samiksha Sinha

Sr. Accountant


Camila Wilson

Manager, Loan Department

Early applicants recieve 20% off their first quarter fee.

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